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Frequently asked questions

Visa issues

What documents are required to apply for a Ukrainian visa?

The list of requested documents you can find here -


Where I can apply for the invitation letter for foreigner intending to visit me?

The standard invitation form you can get at any territorial/regional department of The State Migration Service of Ukraine.


How long does my passport have to be valid in order to apply for a Ukrainian visa?

You must possess a passport valid for at least 3 months after the anticipated departure from Ukraine.


How can I extend my visa?

Validity of the visa cannot be extended. According to paragraph 6 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №150, 2012, (, for foreigners or stateless persons can be extended the period of stay in Ukraine. The State Migration Service of Ukraine is in charge of this procedure.


What are the rules for the Ukrainian nationals travelling abroad?

The list of foreign countries and traveling regime can be found at:


Who is eligible for visa free entry to Ukraine?

Actual entry regime can be found at:


What documents are required for the nationals of The Russian Federation traveling to Ukraine?

Foreign passport and document confirming sufficient financial support.


Can I apply for a visa directly to the EU diplomatic missions in Ukraine skipping intermediaries (visa service centers)?

Yes, the documents can be submitted to the EU diplomatic missions directly by the applicant or by the commercial intermediary (Article 9 of the EU Visa Code)


Is it possible to apply for a Ukrainian visa on arrival?

Yes, single entry visa to Ukraine for the period up to 15 days are available on arrival at the "Borispol", "Odessa" airports, Odessa Sea Port for foreigners and stateless persons who failed to apply for a visa in time at the embassies or consulates of Ukraine abroad and have the profound reasons to enter Ukraine.

a)      on diplomatic or official purposes at the request of the Ukrainian government;

b)     emergency assistance response to Ukraine at the request of the State Emergency Services;

c)     urgent medical treatment or funeral of close relatives (with confirming documents);

d)     crew of foreign vessels travelling to Ukraine in transit.


Who is eligible to apply for a tourist visa on arrival?

Single entry visa for up to 15 days is also available at the "Borispol", "Odessa" airports, Odessa Commercial Sea Port for the nationals of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the Republic of Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of El Salvador, the Republic of Seychelles, who are traveling on tourist purpose to Ukraine.


Whether invitation for study in Ukraine is sufficient enough to apply for a visa for study purpose?

The invitation letter of a foreigner issued by Ukrainian higher educational institutions should be registered at the State Centre of International Education (ref. Issuing and registration procedure of the invitations for foreigners and stateless persons intending to study (run internship) in Ukraine, adopted by the Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1541 dated 01.11.2013, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine №2004/255-36).        


Where should I apply for the registration of an invitation to study in Ukraine?

For registration of invitations for foreign students you can apply to the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education, Tel: (044) 359 05 39.

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