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A.Yatseniuk: The most effective way to stop Russia - to introduce real economic sanctions

21 March 2014, 13:06

The most effective way to stop Russia - to introduce real economic sanctions and to create a common economic policy to not allow anyone, including Russia, to use energy as a new nuclear weapon. This was started by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatsenyuk to journalists in Brussels Friday, March 21.

Arsenii Yatseniuk noted that the present conflict is not simply a conflict between Ukraine and Russia: "Russia has undermined global security and began to behave as an armed gangster in Europe. And so we should find worthy answer to stop this international crime."

He said that Ukraine was ready to negotiate with Russia, but instead "they sent 22 thousand Russian troops", "If Russia does not hear - we must find ways and methods so that Russia will hear."

As the Prime Minister noted, there is a very powerful statement from a number of the EU's countries on their willingness to impose economic sanctions, as well as the U.S. announced sanctions: "We have two ways how to response. The first - the military, but this is unacceptable to have the third world war. The second way - political, economic and diplomatic."

Arsenii Yatseniuk said that the most effective way to stop Russia - to introduce the real economic sanctions, "As they sell oil and gas mainly to the EU and then take Euros, dollars and pounds - and buy weapons, military equipment and invade into an independent country. This is wrong."

"I realize that Russia will win back on Ukraine. But it would win back on Ukraine, and it has already today announced that price of gas will be increase in two times. In such manner they hit the Eastern Ukraine firstly. They do it deliberately to destroy our industry, worsen Ukrainian life," the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to urgently review the system of energy security and energy policy, especially in Ukraine. "The EU should speak as one strong voice, to create a common energy policy. The best way - to diversify energy flows," PM said.

"We have several strategies in the short and long term. But the most important thing for all of us is to speak as one voice in order to not allow anyone, including Russia, to use energy as a new nuclear weapon," Arsenii Yatseniuk said.

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