Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

18, Kyiv 14:30

Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on illegal trafficking to Russia of Nadiia Savchenko, who was captured by terrorists

09 July, 17:08

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its strong and categorical protest against the illegal trafficking to Russia of Nadiia Savchenko – officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who had been previously captured by the terrorist armed groups operating in eastern Ukraine. This is yet another proof that terrorists are planning and committing their crimes on the territory of Ukraine in close cooperation with the secret services of the Russian Federation. 

By kidnapping of Ukrainian citizens in our country, the Russian side violates not only all the norms of the international law, but also the basic rules of decency and morality. Such actions of Russia will not remain without adequate response from Ukraine and the international community.

Ukraine demands from Russia to provide the Ukrainian officials with all and complete information about the circumstances of illegal trafficking to Russia of Nadiia Savchenko, conduct objective investigation and bring to justice those responsible for her illegal trafficking. Immediate access to Nadiia Savchenko is requested for the Ukrainian consular officer to provide her with necessary legal assistance.

We expect the Russian side to take steps to unconditionally release Nadiia Savchenko from custody so that she could return back home soon.

We call on the international community to condemn unlawful actions of Russia aimed at systematic violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine and to increase pressure on the Russian leadership, whose impunity makes it a real threat to the civilized world.

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