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3, Kyiv 12:51

Press Release of the Embassy of Ukraine regarding regular shelling Ukrainian territory by the Russian forces (on August 1, 2014)

01 August 2014, 15:02

According to the State Border Service of Ukraine, Russian troops have been shelling Ukrainian territory from their side of the border more actively in the last few days:

-         July 30, 12.45 am – shelling Ukrainian border checkpoint “Marinovka” from “Grad”.


-         July 31, 03.12 am – gun shelling of Ukrainian border guard unit in the area of the border checkpoint “Ulyanovskoe”.


-         July 31, 01.30-02.30 am – shelling from BM-21 launch vehicles “Grad” in the direction “Vojkovo (Russia) - Kolesnikovka (Ukraine)”  (7 salvos).


-         July 31, 03.20-03.50 am – sabotage-reconnaissance group fired mortar and grenade shells at Ukrainian border guards. Five guards were killed and 11 wounded.

Russian side is preparing firing positions for shelling the territory of Ukraine. In the area near the village of Kozin in Kursk region, informational signs “Firing Line” were mounted parallel to the Russian-Ukrainian border at a distance of about 20 meters from each other, 2 km from the border line.

Military equipment is also being pulled in to the Ukrainian-Russian border from the Russian side. In the settlement Shramko (Russia) a position for 8 airborne combat vehicles was created at a distance of 25 meters from the border. Furthermore, the area of the village of Selezneva (Russia) 50 meters from the boundary is the location of RF Army Forces platoon with armored vehicles. Near the settlement Podol-Gora (Russia), 7 km from the border with Ukraine, a military camp is located. Six armored vehicles were detected at the Russian railway station “Urazovo”.

On July 31 a long convoy of armored vehicles and several KAMAZ with armed men crossed Ukrainian-Russian border in the area of the village Dmytrivka in Luhansk region. The border guards could not report the incident immediately as the connection was muted, presumably by Russia-backed terrorists.

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