Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

20, Kyiv 12:51

Comment by the Mission of Ukraine to NATO on the information regarding NATO’s alleged confirmation of the use of ballistic missiles by Ukraine

01 August 2014, 20:30

Due to the appearance of reports in some media about the alleged confirmation by NATO of the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had used ballistic missiles in the anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country, the Mission of Ukraine to NATO is to state the following.

Attempts to establish the source of this information in the Press Service and Political Directorate of the NATO International Staff, as well we in the military structures of the Alliance showed that NATO had not recently commented on the use of any weapon by Ukraine.

Thus, it is evident that the release of such reports is just another fake at the backdrop of numerous facts of shelling the Ukrainian territory from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Besides, the Ukrainian army does not have short-range ballistic missiles in its possession.

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