Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 15:50

Intervention by the delegation of Ukraine at the 36th HRC session during the interactive dialogue on HC oral update on Libya (a.i.10)

27 September 2017, 17:56

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36th session of the UN Human Rights Council

Agenda item 10

Interactive dialogue on High Commissioner for Human Rights oral update on Libya


Intervention by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine

Ambassador Yurii Klymenko


September 27, 2017


Mr. President,

We would like to commend a number of developments in Libya in terms of political process and the security situation. At the same time we have to acknowledge that justice and rule of law remain key elements for returning the stability to the country.

The practice of imprisonment without trail for an indefinite period of time, outside the legal fold, continues to be widespread in Libya. A clear example of it is the detention of 4 Ukrainians who have been kept in custody since 2011 without any official arrest warrant. Such unacceptable situation should not be allowed to continue. The Libyan Law on Justice in the Transition Period requires that the civilian detainees be transferred to civilian authorities.

We strongly condemn violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by militias and armed groups in Libya. Such abuses must be documented even despite of extreme danger. The justice must be done not only for crimes committed by the Qadhafi regime. The impunity for crimes committed by ISIL-aligned groups, extremists and militias must be put to an end.

The comprehensive solution of the Libyan crisis can be found only through a broad-based political settlement, which requires the performance of the commitments by all Libyan actors.

Ukraine looks forward to continuing working with the HRC, the UN Security Council, the International Criminal Court and the Government of National Accord of the State of Libya in order to stop violence and build a sustainable peace in Libya.

Thank you.

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