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Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Ihor Kharchenko met with Ukrainian social activist M.Poderezan and his wife N.Hryaznova

04 October, 05:04

On September 28 this year Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan I.Kharchenko met with Ukrainian social activist M.Podrezan and his wife N.Hryaznova who visited Japan as part of the project "Planet Earth - A View from a Wheelchair". As the traveler explained, the purpose of this project is to make the cultural monuments of Ukraine accessible to disabled people on the basis of modern experience gained by studing the route of the first worldwide Olympic torch relay in 2004. During the meeting M.Podrezan emphasized that when the project was launched in 2011 he planned to pass 35 stages in 27 countries of the world, but due to the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine visit to this country was canceled.

Japan has become the 23rd country that M. Podrezan visited as part of his worldwide trip. On September 27 he carried out a 1206-meter-long wheelchair run in the center of Tokyo in the presence of the Embassy's staff and Japanese journalists who came to support him. After visiting Mexico and Australia our compatriot is planning to complete the project on Independence Square in Kyiv in 2018.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Japan sincerely wishes for further success of M.Poderezan and his wife N.Hryaznov in realizing their dream!



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