Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 19:17

Embassy of Ukraine in China took part in Charity Diplomatic Sale

31 October 2017, 03:45

On October 29, 2017 an annual International Charity Sale “Love knows no borders” was held in Beijing, in which more than 80 diplomatic missions and representatives of the international organizations, accredited in the Chinese capital, took part. 

The event was held under the auspices of Madam Qian Wei, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China.

National souvenirs, Ukrainian clothes, original Petrykivka works and many other things were waiting for numerous Chinese and foreign guests in the pavilion prepared by the Embassy of Ukraine in China.

The visitors enjoyed sweets, delicious dishes and drinks of the Ukrainian cuisine. 


Wonderful child’s books of Old Lion Publishing House newly printed in China were presented on the book shelf of the pavilion.

All funds raised at the charity sale went to the building of hospitals in the poor villages in the Chinese province Yunnan.

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