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Kyiv 16:27

SE «Atomenergomash» is looking for foreign partners for export of products/services of in the area of nuclear energy

02 November 2017, 14:59

SE «Atomenergomash» is a Separated Entity of the State Enterprise “National Uclear Energy Generating Company «Energoatom» NNEGC «Energoatom» . SE «Atomenergomash» performs its economic activities and acts in the area of nuclear energy utilisation on behalf of SE “NNEGC «Energoatom» and on the basis of the valid legislation of Ukraine, permits and licenses that meet the requirements of nuclear safety norms and regulations.

SE «Atomenergomash» is a multi-sectoral provider of services and manufacturer of certified products, modular repair and maintenance of heat-exchanging equipment for nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, and other enterprises in various industries.

The main types of products of SE «Atomenergomash» are: different containers for radioactive wastes handling, pressurizer electrical heaters, components of nuclear fuel assemblies (top and bottom nozzles), fire-prevention doors of different fire resistance types, wiring ducts, air/ gas coolers, radiators, pressure relief valves (KID-100, KID-150, KID-200), universal protective sections and much more (посилання на каталог, номенклатуру).

Quality of SE «Atomenergomash» products is confirmed by over twenty Quality Assurance Certificates issued by the UkrSEPRO Organisation (Certification of Products in Ukraine), which is ensured by availability of state-of-the-arts equipment, highly skilled and qualified personnel, observance of the required norms and regulations at all stages of production.

The production facilities enable SE «Atomenergomash» to produce a wide range of products and equipment, including the non-standard equipment which is manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical specifications provided by the Customer

Currently the company is looking for foreign trade partners for expanding of its export geography.

For more details, please visit correspondent section of our web-site (power industry).

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