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Ukrainian Literacy and Language Day at the Embassy of Ukraine in Tajikistan

09 November, 13:05

On November 9, 2017, on the Ukrainian Literacy and Language Day, a festive meeting of the Women's Club of the Dushanbe Diplomatic Corps was held at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Ambassador of Ukraine in Tajikistan Viktor Nikitiuk briefed the guests of the diplomatic institution on the history of this holiday, especially emphasizing its relevance in the present situation, when Ukraine takes consistent steps to revive and expand the use of the state Ukrainian language.

Members of the Women's Club, which is currently chaired by the spouse of the Ambassador of Pakistan in Tajikistan Maria Soomro, discussed plans for the charity activities of the Club, learned drawing skills in the Ukrainian national style "Petrykivka" during the master class from the spouse of Ukrainian Ambassador Svitlana Nikitiuk, listened to Ukrainian songs performed by the renowned  American singer of Ukrainian origin Kvitka Cisyk, and tasted national dishes of different countries.

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