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In Athens honored the memory of Holodomor victims

25 November 2017, 13:36

The event "Holodomor 85th Anniversary: Commemoration and Remembrance" was organized in the one of the central conference halls of the Greek capital "Stoya Vivlia" on the 23 of November, 2017 by the Embassy of Ukraine in cooperation with Ukrainian community in Greece.

As the Honorary guest at the conference, the third president of Ukraine (2005 -2010) Viktor Yushchenko participated, as well as some prominent Greek scientists and analysts.

They held a discussion on the policy of the communist totalitarian regime in the 1932-1933, as a result of which Ukraine lost many millions of human lives. The speakers agreed on the fact that the struggle of the Ukrainian people for their national identity requires international recognition and the crimes committed by the Soviet regime against Ukraine should be condemned.

The Holodomor was a terrible attempt of physical annihilation of the Ukrainian people. Historians and scholars continue to investigate this issue in order to publicize the true information of the events of those years.

 Within the framework of the event the photo-exhibition "Killed by the Famine, Unknown Genocide of the Ukrainians", provided by the National Museum of Ukraine "Memorial to the Holodomor victims", were presented to the numerous audience: representatives of diplomatic, cultural and public circles, members of the Ukrainian community of Greece.


The Embassy of Ukraine expresses its deep gratitude for cooperation in the holding of this memorial event for all civil organizations of the Ukrainian community in Greece, the Greek-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and to all those who came to honor the memory of innocent victims of the Red Terror.


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