Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 22:25

Exhibition on Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-1933 was opened by the Embassy of Ukraine at the lobby of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea

29 November 2017, 05:10

On November 29, 30 the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea hosted an exhibition on the Holodomor 1932-1933: an artificial famine organized by the totalitarian communist regime against the Ukrainian people.

The exhibition is held with the support of Mr. Cho Jeong Sik, Chairman of the Friendship Association with Ukraine.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Ambassador of Ukraine Olexander Horin expressed the sincere hope that this event will cause the discussion in the National Assembly on recognizing the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people and will be followed by positive respond to the recent appeal of the Ukrainian Parliament.

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