Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 03:06

Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on another "humanitarian convoy" of Russia

02 November 2014, 17:17

On November 2 the Russian side sent another so called "humanitarian convoy" across the state border of Ukraine.

It was done without inquiring official consent of the Ukrainian side, without completing necessary border and customs procedures by Ukraine, without coordinating with the International Red Cross Committee and accompanying the cargo by its representatives, in breach of the national legislation of Ukraine and the agreements reached earlier.

This provocative actions of the Russian side, its inability to follow international rules while rendering humanitarian aid, as well as attempts to conceal the contents of the cargo prove Russia's continuing course for further escalation of the situation in the East of Ukraine. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its resolute protest against illegal actions of the Russian Federation, grave violation of the state border of Ukraine, interference with the internal affairs of the state, as well as granting support to the terrorist groups acting in Donbas.

We demand from the Russian Federation to stop its provocative actions and stick to generally accepted norms and principles of international law and interstate relations.

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