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Заява делегації України щодо останніх подій в окупованих регіонах Грузії

01 лютого, 17:09

Виголошена Постійним представником України при міжнародних організаціях у Відні Ігорем Прокопчуком на 1174-му засіданні Постійної ради ОБСЄ 1 лютого 2018 року


Mr. Chairperson,

Ukraine aligns itself with the statement delivered by the delegation of the European Union, which we fully support. We would also like to add some remarks in the national capacity.

On 29 January 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement reiterating Ukraine`s unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders and strongly condemning the ratification by the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the so-called agreement on the order of inclusion of certain units of the armed forces of the self-proclaimed “Republic of South Ossetia” (occupied territory of Georgia) into the armed forces of the Russian Federation as well as the opening by the Russian occupation authorities of a customs checkpoint in Akhalgori (Tskhinvali region) and establishment of a specialized customs checkpoint in Sukhumi in Abkhazia.

This provocative act testifies to the continuation of the Kremlin`s policy aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Black Sea region and undermining the European security architecture.

Ukraine calls upon the Russian Federation to fulfill its obligations under international law and withdraw all its armed formations and occupation administrations from the temporarily occupied territories of Georgia and Ukraine.

The delegation of Ukraine requests that this statement be recorded in the journal of the day.

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.


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