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Київ 17:48

Gazprom again uses gas as a political tool aimed at undermining the security of gas supply to Europe

05 березня, 15:34

Оn 1 March, 2018 PJSC Gazprom refused to supply already prepaid gas volumes to Ukraine.

The situation resulted in additional load on the Ukrainian gas transmission system and created significant technical risk for its operation.

Moreover, on 2 March 2018 PJSC Gazprom announced its decision to withdraw from the contracts signed in 2009.

It’s clear that Gazprom again uses gas as a political tool aimed at undermining the security of gas supply to Europe, which is especially cynic at times of current low temperatures in Ukraine and across the EU.

This is also a clear abuse of Gasprom’s dominant market position.

In view of the above, Ukraine has requested the European Commission:

- to facilitate immediate trilateral consultations in Ukraine-EU-Russia format;

- to trigger Early warning mechanism as foreseen by article 340 of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

Ukrainian Government and Naftogaz will do their utmost to implement the valid contractual obligations and decisions by the Tribunal in good faith.

Ukraine is and will remain a reliable energy partner for Europe.

Ukrainian side will also use all available tools and remedies to make Gazprom respect its legal obligations and compensate for the damage caused by this violation.

In our turn, we invite all our partners to assess the real goals of the Nord Stream 2 and similar projects, and to take all necessary measures, at national and European, commercial and governmental, legislative and political levels, to prevent such situations from repeating in the future.

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