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Посол Андрій Олефіров дав інтерв'ю фінському виданню "Verkkouutiset" щодо газового шантажу з боку РФ

05 березня, 09:50

Інтерв'ю фінською мовою: https://www.verkkouutiset.fi/ukrainan-suurlahettilas-vulle-venaja-horjuttaa-kaasukatkollaan-eurooppaa/

Ambassador of Ukraine: Russia is shaking Europe with its gas storm

HEIKKI HAKALA 04.03.2018 |

Ambassador Andrii Olefirov criticizes the Russian energy policy in the rough terms.

Russian energy company Gazprom has, for the time being, refused to supply natural gas to Ukraine. There are also disturbances in the supply of gas to the European Union via Ukraine. Deliveries were expected to resume shortly after the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal had earlier this week solved the contract dispute between Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz gas company in favour of the Ukrainian company. On Friday, however, Gazprom announced that it would choose its solution and begin preparing the termination of the supply contract. So far, the company has refused to provide Ukraine with even gas supplies that Naftogaz has already paid for. Gazprom's main owner is the Russian state. The company is estimated to be under strict political control of President Vladimir Putin's regime.

"Cynical Influence Mission". Ambassador of Ukraine, Andrii Olefirov, criticizes Gazprom's activities in the rough terms.

- It is clear that Gazprom is again using gas as a political tool to destabilize the supply of gas to Europe. This is particularly cynical at a time when very low temperatures are measured in both Ukraine and throughout the European Union, Olefirov points out.

The temperature in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Saturday was several degrees on the frost side. Freezing temperatures predicted for next week as well. Citizens across Ukraine have followed the Ministry of Energy's instructions on reducing heating to limit gas consumption.

- In spite of the difficult circumstances, Ukraine will do everything in its power to implement its own contractual obligations and the arbitral tribunal's decisions, asserted Ambassador Olefirov. - Ukraine is and will be Europe's reliable energy partner. We will be able to use all the means available to us to ensure that Gazprom respects its legal obligations and compensates for the damages it has caused by its violations.

It is also a serious concern for the EU. Vice-President of the European Union Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič said that he received information from the Ukrainian authorities about the possible emergency situation in the country's gas supply system.

In his view, the situation is not only problematic for Ukraine, but also concerns the supply of natural gas through Ukraine to the EU. Implementation of reverse deliveries from EU countries to facilitate the situation in Ukraine would be difficult at present because of their own domestic consumption spike and certain technical constraints. According to Šefčovič, it is important to find a solution as quickly as possible. The Commission is ready to guide the tripartite process of EU, Ukraine and Russia, which has been experienced in previous situations, to resolve disagreements. Gazprom's operations have already raised questions about the company's overall reliability as a contract partner in present-day circumstances where Russian strategic energy projects are increasingly being seen as political tools.

One of the most expressive speeches was presented on Saturday by former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who currently serves as an adviser to the President of Ukraine. - Gazprom has witnessed in recent days that it is not a gas company, but a platform for Russia's extortion. How much more evidence German politicians still need to cancel Nord Stream 2, Fogh Rasmussen asks on Twitter.

In January, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an opinion stating that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline driven by Gazprom and its partners would destabilize Europe's energy security and stability.

Ambassador Olefirov says he hopes that the unpredictability of Gazprom with Ukraine will be seen as a warning sign throughout Europe, and especially in those countries that have welcomed the Nord Stream 2 project.

- We invite all our partners to evaluate the true goals of Nord Stream 2 and similar projects. At national and European level, all necessary commercial, administrative, legislative and political measures should be taken to prevent the recurrence of such situations in the future, Olefirov says.

When Foreign Minister Timo Soini travels to Kiev on Monday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin will present him with a parallel message.

Джерело:  |  "Verkkouutiset" Автор: Heikki Hakala

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