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Kyiv 19:16

NATO to allocate 1,8 million USD for destruction of ammunition in Ukraine

22 January 2014, 13:41

According to NATO Support agency (NSPA), 1,8 million USD is planned to be allocated in 2014 for funding NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project to destroy stockpiles of surplus weapons and munitions in Ukraine.

This will allow Ukraine, with the support of NATO, to continue surplus weapons and ammunition destruction this year. The second phase of the project, launched in 2012, is ongoing. It foresees the utilization of 366 thousand units of small arms and light weapons, 76 tons of conventional munitions, including 3 million PFM-1 landmines.

The US is the main contributor to the second phase of the project. Financial assistance is also provided by Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland and Turkey. The European Commission is expected to donate 1,8 million euros.

Background: NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project is intended to financially support Ukraine's efforts in eliminating 1 000 Man-portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS), 133 000 tons of obsolete munitions, 1,5 million surplus small arms and light weapons..  The Trust Fund project will be executed in four phases, over 12 years.

In the first phase of the project (2006-2011) 15 thousand tons of ammunition, 400 thousand small arms and light weapons and one thousand MANPADS were destroyed. The amount of international financial assistance totalled 10,8 million USD. The US (the project’s Lead Nation) donated 10 million USD.

Contributions to the first phase of the project were also made by the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Norway, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iceland, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and the European Commission.

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