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Visit of a famous scholar in Taras Shevchenko’s life Ruslan Telipskyi to Beijing

09 April 2016, 09:13

On April 7-8, 2016 an author of a unique project “Monumental Shevchenkiana”, Shevchenko Prize winner of Ukrainian World Congress Ruslan Telipskyi stayed in Beijing. He visited and made photos of more than 1200 Kobzar’s monuments on four continents.

The famous scholar in Taras Shevchenko’s life personally got familiarized with the reconstructed by the Ukrainian Embassy’s initiative monument to Kobzar, made by a famous Chinese sculptor Yuan Xikun.

China became the 29th country specially visited by R.Telipskiy with the above mentioned aim.


In addition, on April 8 in the Ukrainian House in Beijing the scholar delivered a multimedia presentation with a special attention paid to Taras Shevchenko’s phenomenon in the life of every Ukrainian, as well as the role and importance of Kobzar’s monuments in the strengthening of the positive image of Ukraine abroad.    

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