Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 19:31

22 European countries in 80 days: bicycle trips in vyshyvanskas, promoting eco-friendly lifestyle!

19 August, 11:23

Program managers of the “Astar” Sustainable Development Agency and coordinators of All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” Serhii Tolstikhin and Iuliia Mazur visited Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden and met representatives of the “Ukrainian Youth in Sweden”.

S.Tolstikhin and I.Mazur are interested in learning more about eco-technologies and ways they are applied in small cities. Activists are not only promoting eco-friendly tourism in Ukraine, but also look forward to presenting specific proposals on better development of eco-infrastructure in their native region of Khmelnytskyi.

During their trips, travelers meet Ukrainians living abroad and talk about fellow citizens' social adaptation in foreign lands, active lives of Ukrainian communities in different countries.

Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway, and cities in the Kingdom of Denmark are the next stops on the travelers’ tour agenda.


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