Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 10:20

Statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom regarding illegal visit to the occupied Crimea of a so-called delegation of the UK’s academics

13 February 2017, 18:55

The Embassy condemns the illegal visit last week of the so called “delegation of UK’s academics” to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation.

The UK’s nationals, identified in Russian media as Patrick Mercer, Neil Faulkner and Roger Ward have violated the Ukrainian legislation as well as international law, having neglected the official position of their own State that remains committed to defending Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We also welcome the official comment of the University of Bristol which rebuffed the Russian media information that the three individuals are academics of the University. The University of Bristol has also confirmed that it is “not planning any work or partnership in the Crimea related excavations linked with the Crimean War” as it was announced in Russian media.

The Embassy calls on all UK nationals and institutions to refrain from illegally visiting and initiating any “archeological works” in the occupied Crimea without official consent of the Ukraine’s authorities.

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