Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 05:26

Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on de-escalation intents expressed by Presidents of the Russian Federation and the OSCE Chair Switzerland

07 May 2014, 23:12

Today Presidents of the Russian Federation and the OSCE Chair Switzerland announced intents to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.

Despite a front of the "good faith" gesture, the content and rhetoric that were voiced at the Kremlin have nothing in common with true search of a settlement.

Discussion of the peaceful settlement in Ukraine, but without Ukraine is senseless and unacceptable.

Instead of statements we need real actions.

First of all, Russia should implement obligations assumed under Geneva accords and distance itself from terrorist activities in the east of Ukraine, publicly call upon separatist factions to lay down their arms and cease actions by subversive groups.

Withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Ukrainian borders should be genuinely confirmed.

Any so-called "terrorist referenda" in the east of our country are illegal by definition. Thus, an appeal to «postpone» them is just a mockery and by no means a sign of goodwill. Such scenario Russia has already implemented in Crimea. 

Substitution of notions should be terminated. There is no civil war in Ukraine. The essence of the conflict is aggression of the Russian Federation against our country, occupation of Crimea and impudent interference in internal affairs, accompanied by support for terrorist actions against Ukrainian citizens and territorial integrity of the state.

A full-scale national dialogue with all political actors, regional representatives and the civil society is an absolute priority of the Government of Ukraine. All necessary conditions for peace and security should be established to make this dialogue possible. However, a dialogue with terrorists is impermissible and unconceivable. Protection of peoples’ lives and elimination of terrorism which undermines any possibility of the dialogue is the goal of the anti-terrorist operation being conducted in certain locations in the east of our country. Therefore, combined international effort to contain and counteract any sources of terrorism should become a fundamentally important step.

Ukraine welcomes and supports the important role of the OSCE in international efforts aimed at de-escalating the situation. Particularly valuable will be those efforts of the Organization that will facilitate continuation of a nationwide dialogue in Ukraine, implementation of a mandate of the Special Monitoring Mission and engagement of international observers to monitor the elections of the President of Ukraine on May 25, 2014.

The statements made on May 7th in Moscow demonstrate the first results of consolidated international pressure on the Kremlin in response to the aggression committed against Ukraine.

The position of our country consistently remains open to dialogue in bilateral and multilateral dimensions, as well as aimed at peacefully averting threats to Ukraine and our people.

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