Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 03:47

Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine on killing of the ICRC representative in Donetsk

02 October 2014, 22:40

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its deep regret and condolences upon the tragic loss of the International Committee of the Red Cross representative, Swiss citizen, who was killed as a result of shelling by the terrorists of the ICRC Office in Donetsk.

This terrorist act cannot be justified. Bandits and terrorists, in a barbaric way, dared to take up arms against those who came to Donbas with a humanitarian mission – to help people.

This case is seen in the same vein when terrorists were taking hostages and the OSCE staff for the sake of intimidating representatives of international organizations who help restore peace and calm in Donbas

All individuals and organizations implicated in this crime shall be brought to justice in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and the international law.

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