Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 13:19

Ministry of Foreign Affairs comment on air strike on Detention Center for migrants in Tajura, Libya

03 July, 17:54

The news from the Libyan capital Tripoli, where the fighting since the beginning of April resulted in hundreds of casualties including civilians, is a matter of deep concern.

On 2 July, 2019 the air strike on the Detention Center for migrants in Tajura, a suburb of the Libyan capital, caused the death of 40 people and inflicted injuries on  more than 80.

We emphasize the need for a comprehensive and credible investigation of this crime.

We call on the parties of the Libyan conflict to reach immediate and unconditional ceasefire in order to prevent new casualties.

Peace, harmony, stability and economic prosperity will return to Libya only as a result of the comprehensive dialogue and consolidation of Libyan society around common values.

The international community has to play its own role in achieving this goal. Its joint position to prevent the continued violence will help to stop the conflict in Libya.

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