Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 19:34

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergiy Kyslytsya received new Head of UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Ms Matilda Bogner

24 July, 11:58

Sergiy Kyslytsya congratulated Matilda Bogner on her recent appointment as Head of Mission and assured her of full support of the work of the Mission by the Government of Ukraine.

They also discussed the on-going co-operation between Ukraine and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and exchanged views on the ways to deepen this interaction – both at the level of the UN OHCHR headquarters in Geneva and with the UN Monitoring Mission, present in Ukraine since spring 2014.

During the meeting, special attention was paid to the issue of monitoring the human rights situation in the Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine and the need to ensure full, unimpeded access of the Mission to these territories.

Matilda Bogner underscored the readiness of the Mission to continue providing practical assistance and wide-ranging support to Ukraine in the field of protection and promotion of human rights, particularly bearing in mind the importance of protection of the rights of persons affected by the armed conflict.

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