Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 09:44

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding the significant deterioration of Nadiya Savchenko’s health due to her continuing unlawful detention by the Russian side

25 March 2016, 18:46

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses strong protest with regard to the continuation of the illegal detention by the Russian authorities of illegally sentenced citizen of Ukraine – Nadiya Savchenko, which led to significant deterioration of her health and constitutes a danger to her life.

We are outraged by the unfounded refusal of the Russian side to allow qualified Ukrainian doctors to visit Nadiya Savchenko, which indicates an attempt of the Russian authorities to conceal her real health condition and deceive the international community about the so-called satisfactory state of health.

We reiterate that under the existing prolongation of the detention of illegally sentenced Nadiya Savchenko, the Russian side bears full responsibility for her health and life.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine urges Russia to immediately allow Ukrainian doctors to visit Nadiya Savchenko and to release her without delay, as stipulated by the Minsk Agreements, which the Russian Federation is a signatory to.

We call upon the entire international community to continue its pressure on the Russian Federation with the aim of saving life of the illegally sentenced citizen of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko and her return back to Ukraine.

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