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Apostille and Legalization
19 December 2019 13:47

Official documents for consular legalization or apostille can be submitted ONLY by means of postal service "Nova Poshta" at the applicant’s expense in both directions.

When submitting documents for legalization (apostille) it is also necessary to send:

for individuals

for entities

  • a letter of appeal about consular legalization (apostille),
  • an application (application-Apostille (.xls, 49.15 Kb) or application-Legalization (.xls, 49.15 Kb)
  • original consular fee payment receipt. A letter of appeal has to be signed by the director and include: the list of documents that should be certified, name of a person authorized to submit the documents for legalization (apostille), and country where the certified documents will be presented.

If the application for legalization is submitted by a representative of a person or entity, an original power of attorney should be submitted (you will get it back).

In case of apostille, the power of attorney is not required.

MFA of Ukraine legalizes civil status documents (birth/death/marriage/divorce/change of name documents) only if they are issued or authenticated by territorial regional departments of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or by Kyiv department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

If you need to legalize a copy or/and an official translation of Ukrainian official document – you have to pre-authenticate it in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (before consular legalization).

Foreign official documents require pre-authentication in relevant foreign diplomatic or consular mission (before the consular legalization).

The consular fee is as follows:

  • personal document - ₴ 150 per one document (₴ 300 for urgent legalization/apostille);
  • document of entity - ₴ 450 per one document (₴ 900 for urgent legalization/apostille).

Details for payment:


Treasury of Ukraine / Kyiv / 22060000




UA 568999980313010067000028001

Beneficiary's bank

Treasury of Ukraine (EAP)

Budget Revenue Classification Code


Purpose of payment

funds received for consular actions (apostille / legalization)

Reporting symbol

Department General for Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

 2, Velyka Zhytomyrska st. Kyiv, 01018

 Recipient: Halyna Nosok , +38 044 238 18 15

  1. Legalization/apostille application has to be filled in CLEARLY or printed;
  2. each column of the application must be filled in;
  3. indicate IN PRINTED LETTERS on the other side of the application: 
    1. city and number of “Nova Poshta” unit, where the legalized documents should be sent back to;
    2. full name, cellphone number and email address of the receiver* (Attention! The receiver must be always the same person as a sender (receiver=sender), with one exception: if a sender is not an owner of the documents - receiver=sender or receiver=owner of the document). Documents cannot be sent back to other persons.
  • Ordinary procedure — 10 working days starting from the date of receiving all necessary documents;
  • Urgent procedure  5 working days starting from the date of receiving all necessary documents

The terms of the procedure can be extended for one month in case of absence of appropriate seal or signature samples in the Consular Department.

In case, the time limits of legalization (apostille) are exceeded by the Consular Department, (including the time for postal delivery) please, contact us by e-mail: [email protected] to clear up the reasons of delay.

Such request must contain the following information:

  1. full name of a document’s owner;
  2. if a document is sent by a representative, please indicate the full name of a sender;
  3. authority of issuing a document
  4. country of presentation of a document;
  5. tracking number of sending;
  6. the date and sum of  consular fee payment.
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