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Press remarks by Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine
12 August 2014 14:22

Ukraine Crisis Media Center, 12 August 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,

  • The anti-terrorist operation comes to a decisive point.
  • The ATO forces are closing in on the terrorists. The Russian terrorists hang on one and only thing – Russia’s support.
  • Russia continues illegal supply of weapons and sponsors bloodshed.
  • Ukrainian military and civilians are constant targets to Russian shelling. Russian aircrafts on a regular basis violate Ukrainian air space.
  • Russia keeps accumulating armed forces along the Ukrainian border.
  • Russia keeps inventing new excuses for its policy.
  • In Georgia, it was “defending pro-Russian minorities”.
  • In Ukraine’s Crimea – “preventing NATO invasion”.
  • In Donbass, they are trying to use the pretext of “humanitarian aid”.
  • Let me be clear – you don’t need tanks and artillery to bring food and medicine for civilians.
  • Stop the aggression. Stop the Russian terrorists. Stop the shelling. Stop your cynical propaganda. And there will be no need for any humanitarian aid.
  • Upon our requests the international partners have already agreed to provide the Government of Ukraine with the assistance and support in addressing the humanitarian needs and rebuilding Donbas.
  • Ukrainian Government successfully cooperates in this matter with the UN and the Red Cross.
  • Upon the initiative of the President of Ukraine and following his invitation to the International Committee of the Red Cross, a mechanism of close Ukraine-Red Cross interaction was established in Kyiv as well as in Geneva.
  • This assistance will be provided in strict compliance with the international law and Ukraine`s legislation.
  • Namely, as stated by the President, it has to be a mission international in nature, without foreign military escort of any kind, which goes only through border crossing points determined by Ukraine and security of which is taken care of solely by Ukraine.
  • On the same humanitarian note, I am pleased to inform that Ukraine and UN system are close to sealing a Preliminary Response Plan to support Ukrainian Government in addressing the immediate needs of the affected population.
  • It is our expectation that this Plan will be launched later this week at a Joint meeting for donor community in Kyiv, aimed at mobilizing financial resources for the international humanitarian response in Ukraine.
  • We are grateful to the EU, the U.S., Canada, Japan, Norway and many other countries for solidarity with Ukrainian people, and introducing additional sanctions against the Russian Federation.
  • I hope that the entire civilized world will join sanctions to stop the Kremlin.
  • Ukraine, in turn, introduces national sanctions against Russian business associated with the Kremlin and those who in public endorse aggression regarding our country.
  • The world is following closely France whose Mistral deal with Russia is a test for the integrity of a common policy of the West in the face of the aggression.
  • We urge Paris not to reinforce the aggressor with new military capabilities in this time of trial.
  • The aggressor needs to be stopped, not supplied with new capabilities.
  • Meanwhile the atmosphere in Russia is thickening.
  • The Kremlin deprives its own people of freedom of Internet and speech, integral values of the modern world.
  • It further impairs the Russian economy.
  • The Kremlin propaganda justifies self-isolation of the country.
  • But the self-isolation is never good for a nation. The self-isolation and militarization of economy resulted in the Soviet Union collapse.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  • Last Thursday the terrorists abducted Serhiy Zakharov – the brave artist from Donetsk, guilty only of drawing pictures of the terrorists.
  • We demand immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.
  • This is the “new order” terrorists are trying to establish. This is the “preview” of the “multipolar world” Russia is preaching.
  • At least 350 people remain hostage. I repeat – 350 people are held hostage by the Russian terrorists. And in some instances – by Russia directly.
  • This is the reign of terror they are trying to impose on Ukraine.
  • Nadya Savchenko, Oleh Sentsov, Hennadiy Afnasjev, Oleksandr Chirniy, Oleksandr Kolchenko and others were kidnapped and remain illegally detained in Russia.
  • They endure psychological pressure, court cases are fabricated, and actions of Ukrainian consuls in protecting rights of our citizens are obstructed.
  • Everyone who sanctioned persecution of Ukrainians and aggression against our country should receive a just punishment.
  • We appeal to international community, people of good will and moral authority to support Ukraine in liberating political prisoners of the Kremlin.
  • Let us stand strong together for our people, values and freedom.

I thank you.

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