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Road Map for Cooperation between Ukraine, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland within the Lublin Triangle
07 July 2021 14:27

Political dialogue

•     work on Heads of State and Government meetings of the L3 countries, upon further mutual consent;

•    regular meetings between the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and national coordinators of the Lublin Triangle; 

•    specific subjects meetings of the L3 ministers depending on needs.  

Developing L3 dialogue within international organizations and with partners 

•    joint political statements of the L3 Foreign Ministers on important international matters;

•    cooperate in the framework of the UN, OSCE, CoE and other international organizations;

•    promote cooperation of Ukraine with the Three Seas Initiative, Bucharest Nine;

•    promote joint initiatives of L3 within the Eastern Partnership;

•    promote joint initiatives of L3 and the “Association Trio” (Ukraine, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova);

•    cooperate at all levels in the format of the Crimea platform;

•    promote L3 dialogue with the US Administration with the special attention to energy, economic and security cooperation.

Security and Defense Cooperation

•    support the ongoing defense reform and the development of Ukrainian defense capabilities, including via NATO and EU programs and instruments; 

•    support the development of the LITPOLUKRBRIG, including through its participation in the UN, EU as well as NATO-led activities on the case-by-case basis; 

•    support the development of the LITPOLUKRBRIG through joint military exercises;

•    uphold regular MODs’ Defense Policy Directors’ dialogue, including consultations and exchange of views and positions on the regional security issues;  

•    support the initiatives on strengthening security in the Baltic and Black Sea regions;

•    exploring possibilities of cooperation in space;

•    regular consultations on security issues between the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland and the Chief Advisor on the National Security to the President of Lithuania.

Energy Security Cooperation 

•    enhance cooperation in the energy sector, in particular with regard to the synchronization of electricity systems of Lithuania and Ukraine with Continental European Network and the finding opportunities to achieve common benefits coming from exploitation of gas transit infrastructure, including Polish and Lithuanian LNG terminals and Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities (taking into account final stage of the Baltic Pipeline and PL-LT interconnection construction) ;

•    counter the construction of Nord Stream 2 project;

•    address risks related to nuclear safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrovets, including through measures preventing trade in electricity produced in violation of international regulations and nuclear safety standards;

•    enhance cooperation and experience sharing in development of green economies based on new and emerging technologies;

•    enhance energy security in the region of concern to L3 through strengthening and efficient use of the expert potential of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence.

Cybersecurity Cooperation

•    exchange the best practices on up-to-date cyber-tactics countering field threats, consequences of which may undermine the interests of Ukraine, Poland or Lithuania; 

•    exchange experience between L3 on improving public digitalization;

•    launch L3 cooperation in IT sphere;

•    exchange programs for student studying cybersecurity.

Countering COVID-19 Cooperation

•    recognition of immunization documents to ease travel restrictions between L3 citizens;   

•    encourage working contact in order to exchange information and addressing the common risks in the health field; 

•    exchange experience on the best practices to cope with COVID-19 negative impact on trade and investment, migration, peace and security, and the private sector, also on sustainability of health systems and preparedness for health emergencies.

Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation

•    intensification of direct contacts between the L3 national institutions in charge of the common historical heritage; 

•    expand cooperation between youth organizations in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, creating a civil youth platform of the Lublin Triangle with the participation of L3 NGO’s to strengthen cultural, social and educational relations and exchanging experience in order to create projects together.

Economic and Infrastructure Development Cooperation

•    facilitate further liberalization of Ukraine – EU trade within the DCFTA, in particular through discussing its update, further supporting Ukraine’s sectoral approximation to EU acquis and gradual integration of Ukraine into the EU Internal Market; 

•    promote development of the enhanced dialogues in the “EU +  Association Trio” format in the areas of DCFTA implementation and sectoral integration; 

•    provide the platform for a meeting of the largest L3 logistics companies together with customs services in order to discuss existing problems and to identify the ways to optimize the flow of goods across the borders. , cross-border work and mobility;

•    promote mutual trade of agricultural goods respecting EU standards on sanitary and phytosanitary matters;

•    hold  a meeting of the heads of L3 Chambers of Commerce to outline possible ways of development trilateral economic ties;

•    actively develop intermodal transport and promote the semi-trailer transportation by rail;

•    accelerate the harmonized and digitized cross-border exchange of road transport information for further development of digital transport corridors.

Strategic Communication and Hybrid Threats Countering Cooperation

•    develop a joint cooperation format between MFA of L3 countries for countering disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and other hybrid threats, maintaining regular contacts with independent fact-checkers and NGOs;

•    elaborate a joint action plan of L3 counties on countering disinformation, propaganda, other hybrid threats and ensuring media freedom;

•    conduct joint public diplomacy actions on the topics of mutual interest as well as on the priorities of the L3 activities, including initiatives of ensuring safety of journalists and countering disinformation; 

•    support and promote key national campaigns of each other within L3 countries as well as in the third countries and international organizations (regional security, the Crimea Platform etc.).

Signed on 7th of July, 2021, in Vilnius in the English language

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 

H.E. Dmytro Kuleba              

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

H.E. Gabrielius Landsbergis        

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland 

H.E. Zbigniew Rau      


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